Letter from a student

We love to hear from current students but it’s always nice to hear from students who have moved away.

Hanshi recently received the following letter from a student after reading a recent article published in Shotokan Karate Magazine:

Hello Hanshi John,

Just received the latest Shotokan Karate Magazine.

What a terrific article and interview! Your experiences offer a unique insight into the growth and development of Shotokan Karate both in the UK and worldwide that very few present day students can relate to. You’re having had the privilege to train with so many of Shotokan Karate’s true master’s was, I’m sure, a profound honor that you will always cherish.

I am pleased to say that having the honor of training under your watchful eyes for three years while stationed at RAF Chicksands in Bedfordshire in the early 1970s has left an indelible mark on my spirit. Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge and insight into the true meaning of Karate-do in such a selfless manner.

You have left your mark on society by the many students you have brought out of the darkness into the light through the discovery of their true self through the practice of Karate-do.

May God bless you and keep you well.

Your student and friend,


Bill Kreiling, Wadsworth, Ohio, USA