The Chief Instructor of TASK Celebrates his Eightieth Birthday.

Tate Enpi Uchi from the Kata – Chinte
(Augmented upper elbow strike).

On 12th September a grading examination was held at the Flitwick Hombu and all students were successful, just as they were a week earlier at Newport Pagnell.

In the early evening, 30 black belts joined Shihan for a meal in a local restaurant to celebrate him becoming an octogenarian. He then entertained everyone with stories from his 57 years involvement in Karate. From his early days in Australia, his time at the JKA in Japan, to introducing Karate into the United Kingdom.

Without doubt, it was an unprecedented audience with him and he spoke for just under two hours. All present were riveted, to hear aspects of his amazing life.

As the evening drew to a close, Sensei Cross announced to much acclaim that Shihan had been awarded 9th Dan. It was given for his contribution to the art of Karate-do over a lifetime, something only achieved by a mere handful of people.

He will now be known as ‘Hanshi’.

True to his indomitable spirit, he insists retirement is not an option.

Jodan Shuto Uchi and Age Shuto Uke from Heian Yondan
(upper knife hand strike and upper knife hand block)